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doc: Clarify the release process for a first stable

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### New Stable
1. Create the `maint-x.y.z` and `release-x.y.z` branches and update the
`./scripts/git/` with the new version.
1. Create the `maint-x.y.z` and `release-x.y.z` branches at the version
tag. Then update the `./scripts/git/` with the
new version.
2. Add the new version in `./scripts/ci/`.
3. Forward port the ChangeLog and ReleaseNotes into main branch. Remove any
change logs of stable releases in ReleaseNotes.
2. Update `./scripts/git/` and
`./scripts/ci/` with the new version in `maint-x.y.z` and
then merge forward into main. (If you haven't pushed remotely the new
branches, merge the local branch).
3. In `main`, bump version to the next series: `tor-x.y.0-alpha-dev` and
then tag it: `git tag -s tor-x.y.0-alpha-dev`
## Appendix: An alternative means to notify packagers
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