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Ammend 122 (Unnamed flag) with v2 discussion

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......@@ -105,7 +105,27 @@ Status: Open
We need more naming authorities, possibly with some kind of auto-naming
feature. This is out-of-scope for this proposal -NM]
4. Other benefits:
4. Changes to the v2 directory
Previously v2 authorities that had a binding for a server named Bob did
not list any other server named Bob. This will change too:
Version 2 authorities will start listing all routers they know about,
whether they conflict with a name-binding or not: Servers for which
this authority has a binding will continue to be marked Named,
additionally all other servers of that will be listed without the
Named flag (i.e. there will be no Unnamed flag in v2 status documents).
Clients already should handle having a named Bob alongside unnamed
Bobs correctly, and having the unnamed Bobs in the status file even
without the named server is no worse than the curren status quo where
clients learn about those severs from other authorities.
The benefit of this is that an authority's opinion on a server like
Guard, Stable, Fast etc. can now be learned by clients even if that
specific authority has reserved that server's name for somebody else.
5. Other benefits:
This new flag will allow people to operate servers that happen to have
the same nickname as somebody who registered their server two years ago
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