Commit 2845607f authored by rl1987's avatar rl1987 Committed by Nick Mathewson
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In microdesc_cache_reload(), set journal length to length of string we read

Hopefully this will fix CID 1444769.
parent 49acbfad
......@@ -536,8 +536,8 @@ microdesc_cache_reload(microdesc_cache_t *cache)
journal_content = read_file_to_str(cache->journal_fname,
if (journal_content) {
cache->journal_len = (size_t) st.st_size;
warn_if_nul_found(journal_content, cache->journal_len, 0,
cache->journal_len = strlen(journal_content);
warn_if_nul_found(journal_content, (size_t)st.st_size, 0,
"reading microdesc journal");
added = microdescs_add_to_cache(cache, journal_content,
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