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o Minor bugfixes (tests):
- Fix the behavior of the rend_cache/clean_v2_descs_as_dir when run on
its own. Previously, it would exit with an error.
Fixes bug 40099; bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (guard selection algorithm):
- Avoid needless guard-related warning when upgrading from 0.4.3 to 0.4.4.
Fixes bug 40105; bugfix on
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o Major bugfixes (stats, onion services):
- Fix a bug where we were undercounting the Tor network's total onion
service traffic, by only counting rendezvous traffic originating from
services and ignoring any traffic originating from clients. Fixes bug
40117; bugfix on
o Minor features (tests):
- Our "make check" target now runs the unit tests in 8 parallel chunks.
Doing this speeds up hardened CI builds by more than a factor of two.
Closes ticket 40098.
o Minor features (denial-of-service memory limiter):
- Allow the user to configure even lower values for the MaxMemInQueues
parameter. Relays now enforce a minimum of 64 MB, when previously
the minimum was 256 MB. On clients, there is no minimum. Relays and
clients will both warn if the value is set so low that Tor is likely
to stop working. Closes ticket 24308.
o Minor features (control port):
- If a ClientName was specified in ONION_CLIENT_AUTH_ADD for an
onion service, display it when we use ONION_CLIENT_AUTH_VIEW
on it. Closes ticket 40089. Patch by Neel Chauhan.
o Major bugfixes (onion services, DoS):
- The consensus parameters for the onion service DoS defenses was
overwriting the circuit parameters that could have been set by the service
operator using HiddenServiceEnableIntroDoSDefense. Fixes bug 40109; bugfix
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