Commit 7fbe7a25 authored by rl1987's avatar rl1987 Committed by Nick Mathewson
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In, say 'fallback list' instead of 'whitelist'

parent 41e3c760
o Minor bugfixes (fallback scripts):
- In, call the filter file a "fallback list"
instead of a "whitelist" in check_existing mode.
Fixes bug 24953; bugfix on
......@@ -1594,7 +1594,7 @@ class CandidateList(dict):
""" Apply the fallback whitelist_obj to this fallback list,
passing exact to is_in_whitelist(). """
excluded_count = 0
logging.debug('Applying whitelist')
logging.debug('Applying fallback list')
# parse the whitelist
whitelist = self.load_relaylist(whitelist_obj)
filtered_fallbacks = []
......@@ -1609,14 +1609,18 @@ class CandidateList(dict):
# exclude
excluded_count += 1
log_excluded('Excluding %s: not in whitelist.',
log_excluded('Excluding %s: not in fallback list.',
self.fallbacks = filtered_fallbacks
return excluded_count
def summarise_filters(initial_count, excluded_count):
return '/* Whitelist excluded %d of %d candidates. */'%(
def summarise_filters(initial_count, excluded_count, check_existing):
list_type = 'Whitelist'
if check_existing:
list_type = 'Fallback list'
return '/* %s excluded %d of %d candidates. */'%(list_type,
excluded_count, initial_count)
# calculate each fallback's measured bandwidth based on the median
......@@ -2284,7 +2288,8 @@ def list_fallbacks(whitelist, exact=False):
# instead, there will be an info-level log during the eligibility check.
initial_count = len(candidates.fallbacks)
excluded_count = candidates.apply_filter_lists(whitelist, exact=exact)
print candidates.summarise_filters(initial_count, excluded_count)
print candidates.summarise_filters(initial_count, excluded_count,
eligible_count = len(candidates.fallbacks)
# calculate the measured bandwidth of each relay,
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