Commit 80d428b2 authored by Roger Dingledine's avatar Roger Dingledine
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remove obsolete config file

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# Configuration file for a typical tor node
# The directory for keeping all the config/data for this node
DataDirectory moria4
# A unique handle for this node
Nickname moria4
# Ports for various services. Comment out or set to 0 if you're not
# offering that service.
ORPort 9004 # listening for cell-speaking connections
APPort 9024 # listening for socks-speaking connections
#DirPort 0
# Leave this set, or we'll be treated like a client.
OnionRouter 1
# List of routers. Tor nodes start out knowing about the directory
# servers, and from them they get a list of currently up nodes.
RouterFile ../config/dirservers
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