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Changes in version - 2020-07-27
Tor fixes several annoyances in previous versions,
including one affecting NSS users, and several affecting the Linux
seccomp2 sandbox.
o Major features (fallback directory list):
- Replace the 148 fallback directories originally included in Tor (of which around 105 are still functional) with a list
of 144 fallbacks generated in July 2020. Closes ticket 40061.
o Major bugfixes (NSS):
- When running with NSS enabled, make sure that NSS knows to expect
nonblocking sockets. Previously, we set our TCP sockets as
nonblocking, but did not tell NSS, which in turn could lead to
unexpected blocking behavior. Fixes bug 40035; bugfix
o Minor bugfixes (linux seccomp2 sandbox):
- Fix a regression on sandboxing rules for the openat() syscall. The
fix for bug 25440 fixed the problem on systems with glibc >= 2.27
but broke with versions of glibc. We now choose a rule based on
the glibc version. Patch from Daniel Pinto. Fixes bug 27315;
bugfix on
- Makes the seccomp sandbox allow the correct syscall for opendir
according to the running glibc version. This fixes crashes when
reloading torrc with sandbox enabled when running on glibc 2.15 to
2.21 and 2.26. Patch from Daniel Pinto. Fixes bug 40020; bugfix
o Minor bugfixes (relay, usability):
- Adjust the rules for when to warn about having too many
connections to other relays. Previously we'd tolerate up to 1.5
connections per relay on average. Now we tolerate more connections
for directory authorities, and raise the number of total
connections we need to see before we warn. Fixes bug 33880; bugfix
o Documentation:
- Replace most http:// URLs in our code and documentation with
https:// URLs. (We have left unchanged the code in src/ext/, and
the text in LICENSE.) Closes ticket 31812. Patch from Jeremy Rand.
o Removed features:
- Our "check-local" test target no longer tries to use the
Coccinelle semantic patching tool parse all the C files. While it
is a good idea to try to make sure Coccinelle works on our C
before we run a Coccinelle patch, doing so on every test run has
proven to be disruptive. You can still run this tool manually with
"make check-cocci". Closes ticket 40030.
Changes in version - 2020-07-09
Tor backports fixes from later tor releases, including several
usability, portability, and reliability fixes.
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