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Remove TODO file.

All remaining tasks are now part of #28632.
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TODO sketch for this branch, in rough priority order:
- Clean up/fix XXX's and FIXMEs
- Test event entry points into circuitpad?
- Most of our events come from completely untested code :/
- Compat-breaking changes to be decided/done ASAP
- Option to keep circuits open if machine present
- Specify an ordered preference list of padding machines
- Specify exit policy for machine conditions?
- short_policy_t looks good, except for its flexible array member :/
- Can we make our own struct with a small, fixed number of policy
entries? Say 3-4? Or is that a bad idea to lose this flexibility?
- Check conditions based on attached streams on the circuit
- Accept should mean "only apply if matched"
- Reject should mean "don't apply if matched"
- If a policy is specified, Reject *:* is implicit default (so reject
policies need an Accept entry).
- With no policy, Accept *:* is implicit default.
- Misc fixes:
- Remove circuitsetup machine (but place it in unittests -- they depend on it)
- Circuit RTT measurement will break on var_cell/EXTEND2 cells
- Are there any heuristics we can use here?
- If RELAY_EARLY is only for the first cell of an EXTEND2 series,
we can use that. But the proposal currently says MAY, but not MUST
for this behavior.
======== 0.3.6 ========
- Come up with some good histograms for eg circuit setup fingerprinting,
website fingerprinting, and vanguards usage.
- Vanguards compatibility for MiddleNodes (via changes to vanguards addon)
- circpad_machine_validate() function to sanity-check histograms loaded from
consensus/torrc (can also be used to help guide a GA).
- Check bin construction
- no type overflow (start_usec + range_sec, etc)
- no conflicting state transitions (or overlap with cancel events)
- no use of both histograms and iat_dist
- at least two histogram bins
- min_hop vs target_hop
- Support torrc load+serialization of state machines
- ??
- Support consensus load+serialization of state machines
- ??
- Prop #265 load balancing
- Rephist timer stats
- Is this a privacy risk? The adversary could create lots of circuits
to find a layer2 vanguard.. Otherwise they will be spread across middles.
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