Commit f8f278f8 authored by teor's avatar teor
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control: Remove an unused function return value

Cleanup after 31531.
parent 7a69b3ae
......@@ -1774,13 +1774,13 @@ control_event_guard(const char *nickname, const char *digest,
* by SETCONF requests and RELOAD/SIGHUP signals. The <b>changes</b> are
* a smartlist_t containing (key, value, ...) pairs in sequence.
* <b>changes</b> can be NULL. */
control_event_conf_changed(const config_line_t *changes)
char *result;
smartlist_t *lines;
return 0;
lines = smartlist_new();
for (const config_line_t *line = changes; line; line = line->next) {
......@@ -1796,7 +1796,6 @@ control_event_conf_changed(const config_line_t *changes)
SMARTLIST_FOREACH(lines, char *, cp, tor_free(cp));
return 0;
/** We just generated a new summary of which countries we've seen clients
......@@ -158,7 +158,7 @@ int control_event_server_error(const char *format, ...)
int control_event_guard(const char *nickname, const char *digest,
const char *status);
int control_event_conf_changed(const struct config_line_t *changes);
void control_event_conf_changed(const struct config_line_t *changes);
int control_event_buildtimeout_set(buildtimeout_set_event_t type,
const char *args);
int control_event_signal(uintptr_t signal);
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