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    Remove the `link_rust.sh.in` script · 6ebb2c46
    Alex Crichton authored
    This is no longer necessary with upstream rust-lang/rust changes as well
    as some local tweaks. Namely:
    * The `-fsanitize=address`-style options are now passed via `-C
      link-args` through `RUSTFLAGS`. This obviates the need for the shell
    * The `-C default-linker-libraries`, disabling `-nodefaultlibs`, is
      passed through `RUSTFLAGS`, which is necessary to ensure that
      `-fsanitize=address` links correctly.
    * The `-C linker` option is passed to ensure we're using the same C
      compiler as normal C code, although it has a bit of hackery to only
      get the `gcc` out of `gcc -std=c99`