Commit 61803775 authored by David Goulet's avatar David Goulet 🤘
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Merge branch 'tor-gitlab/mr/264'

parents 9a0a91dc 07f37c64
o Minor bugfixes (build):
- Mini-report in the configure script now shows whether or not lzma and zstd have been used, not just if enable flag passed in. Fixes bug 40236; bugfix on
......@@ -2816,10 +2816,10 @@ PPRINT_PROP_BOOL([libscrypt (--disable-libscrypt)], $value)
test "x$enable_systemd" = "xyes" && value=1 || value=0
PPRINT_PROP_BOOL([Systemd support (--enable-systemd)], $value)
test "x$enable_lzma" = "xyes" && value=1 || value=0
test "x$have_lzma" = "xyes" && value=1 || value=0
PPRINT_PROP_BOOL([liblzma (--enable-lzma)], $value)
test "x$enable_zstd" = "xyes" && value=1 || value=0
test "x$have_zstd" = "xyes" && value=1 || value=0
PPRINT_PROP_BOOL([libzstd (--enable-zstd)], $value)
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