Commit faf7b550 authored by Nick Mathewson's avatar Nick Mathewson 🎨
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Merge remote-tracking branch 'tor-gitlab/mr/143' into maint-0.3.5

parents 2d5b2159 020e8e41
o Minor bugfixes (compilation):
- Resolve a compilation warning that could occur in test_connection.c.
Fixes bug 40113; bugfix on
......@@ -592,7 +592,8 @@ test_conn_download_status(void *arg)
connection_t *ap_conn = NULL;
const struct testcase_t *tc = arg;
consensus_flavor_t usable_flavor = (consensus_flavor_t)tc->setup_data;
consensus_flavor_t usable_flavor =
networkstatus_parse_flavor_name((const char*) tc->setup_data);
/* The "other flavor" trick only works if there are two flavors */
tor_assert(N_CONSENSUS_FLAVORS == 2);
......@@ -893,9 +894,9 @@ struct testcase_t connection_tests[] = {
CONNECTION_TESTCASE(get_rend, TT_FORK, test_conn_get_rend_st),
CONNECTION_TESTCASE(get_rsrc, TT_FORK, test_conn_get_rsrc_st),
test_conn_download_status_st, FLAV_MICRODESC),
test_conn_download_status_st, "microdesc"),
test_conn_download_status_st, FLAV_NS),
test_conn_download_status_st, "ns"),
//CONNECTION_TESTCASE(func_suffix, TT_FORK, setup_func_pair),
{ "failed_orconn_tracker", test_failed_orconn_tracker, TT_FORK, NULL, NULL },
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