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Make SAVECONF keep only one backup and add sandbox rules for it. #40317

When seccomp sandbox is active, SAVECONF failed because it was not
able to save the backup files for torrc. This commit simplifies
the implementation of SAVECONF and sandbox by making it keep only
one backup of the configuration file.
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o Minor bugfixes (control, sandbox):
- Allows the control command SAVECONF to succeed when the seccomp
sandbox is enabled. Makes SAVECONF keep only one backup file to
simplify implementation. Fixes bug 40317; bugfix on
Patch by Daniel Pinto.
......@@ -6827,7 +6827,7 @@ validate_data_directories(or_options_t *options)
/** This string can change; it tries to give the reader an idea
* that editing this file by hand is not a good plan. */
#define GENERATED_FILE_COMMENT "# The old torrc file was renamed " \
"to torrc.orig.1 or similar, and Tor will ignore it"
"to torrc.orig.1, and Tor will ignore it"
/** Save a configuration file for the configuration in <b>options</b>
* into the file <b>fname</b>. If the file already exists, and
......@@ -6871,17 +6871,18 @@ write_configuration_file(const char *fname, const or_options_t *options)
if (rename_old) {
int i = 1;
char *fn_tmp = NULL;
while (1) {
tor_asprintf(&fn_tmp, "%s.orig.%d", fname, i);
if (file_status(fn_tmp) == FN_NOENT)
tor_asprintf(&fn_tmp, CONFIG_BACKUP_PATTERN, fname);
file_status_t fn_tmp_status = file_status(fn_tmp);
if (fn_tmp_status == FN_DIR || fn_tmp_status == FN_ERROR) {
"Config backup file \"%s\" is not a file? Failing.", fn_tmp);
goto err;
log_notice(LD_CONFIG, "Renaming old configuration file to \"%s\"", fn_tmp);
if (tor_rename(fname, fn_tmp) < 0) {//XXXX sandbox doesn't allow
if (replace_file(fname, fn_tmp) < 0) {
"Couldn't rename configuration file \"%s\" to \"%s\": %s",
fname, fn_tmp, strerror(errno));
......@@ -44,6 +44,9 @@ int get_protocol_warning_severity_level(void);
#define LOG_PROTOCOL_WARN (get_protocol_warning_severity_level())
/** Pattern for backing up configuration files */
#define CONFIG_BACKUP_PATTERN "%s.orig.1"
/** An error from options_trial_assign() or options_init_from_string(). */
typedef enum setopt_err_t {
......@@ -831,7 +831,6 @@ sandbox_init_filter(void)
const or_options_t *options = get_options();
sandbox_cfg_t *cfg = sandbox_cfg_new();
int i;
......@@ -917,10 +916,23 @@ sandbox_init_filter(void)
sandbox_cfg_allow_open_filename(&cfg, tor_strdup("/etc/resolv.conf"));
for (i = 0; i < 2; ++i) {
if (get_torrc_fname(i)) {
sandbox_cfg_allow_open_filename(&cfg, tor_strdup(get_torrc_fname(i)));
const char *torrc_defaults_fname = get_torrc_fname(1);
if (torrc_defaults_fname) {
sandbox_cfg_allow_open_filename(&cfg, tor_strdup(torrc_defaults_fname));
const char *torrc_fname = get_torrc_fname(0);
if (torrc_fname) {
sandbox_cfg_allow_open_filename(&cfg, tor_strdup(torrc_fname));
// allow torrc backup and torrc.tmp to make SAVECONF work
char *torrc_bck = NULL;
tor_asprintf(&torrc_bck, CONFIG_BACKUP_PATTERN, torrc_fname);
sandbox_cfg_allow_rename(&cfg, tor_strdup(torrc_fname), torrc_bck);
char *torrc_tmp = NULL;
tor_asprintf(&torrc_tmp, "%s.tmp", torrc_fname);
sandbox_cfg_allow_rename(&cfg, torrc_tmp, tor_strdup(torrc_fname));
sandbox_cfg_allow_open_filename(&cfg, tor_strdup(torrc_tmp));
// we need to stat the existing backup file
sandbox_cfg_allow_stat_filename(&cfg, tor_strdup(torrc_bck));
SMARTLIST_FOREACH(options->FilesOpenedByIncludes, char *, f, {
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