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# Tor Project Website
This is the repository of Tor Project website. The current online version of this portal can be found at []( or [Tor Project Onion Service](http://expyuzz4wqqyqhjn.onion/).
To clone the code use either of
```git clone```
```torify git clone http://dccbbv6cooddgcrq.onion/project/web/tpo.git/```
or browse it [online](
## How to report bugs or feedback
First check if your issue wasn't already opened in [](, then file a [trac ticket]( and choose the component: Webpages/Website.
## What is Lektor
[Lektor]( is a framework to generate and serve websites from Markdown files.
Its code can be found at [GitHub](
## How to contribute
### (Easy) Edit this page button
You can click ```Edit this page``` and submit your content changes in a [Pull Request in GitHub](
### (Advanced) Compiling a local version of the website
1. Download and install Lektor:
2. Install the lektor-i18n plugin and its [dependencies](
3. Clone the repository:
```git clone```
4. Init the building blocks submodule:
```$ cd lego && git submodule update --init --recursive```
5. Translations for the website are imported by Jenkins when bulding the page, but if you want to test them, download the correct branch of the translations repo to the ./i18n/ folder.
6. Finally
To run a local continuous builder: ```$ lektor server```
To just build the website once: ```$ lektor build -O <folder>```
#### How to develop on the website
Check our [wiki pages](
### Translations
To help us to translate, please join the Tor Project team in [Transifex](
### Getting help
If you want to contribute to the Tor Project website, we will be happy to help you. Join us at #tor-www in [](
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