Commit 2bc02b21 authored by Nick Mathewson's avatar Nick Mathewson 🏃
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Suppress a clang 12 warning about "suspicious concatenation".

My clang doesn't like it when we write code like this:

    char *list[] = {

It wonders whether we meant to put a comma between "ghi" and "jkl"
or not, and gives a warning.

To suppress this warning (since in this case, we did mean to omit
the comma), we just wrap the two strings in parentheses.

Closes #40426; bugfix on
parent e60d14bb
......@@ -2135,8 +2135,8 @@ test_dir_measured_bw_kb(void *arg)
/* Test that a line with vote=0 will fail too, so that it is ignored. */
"node_id=$557365204145532d32353620696e73746561642e bw=1024 vote=0\n",
/* Test that a line with vote=0 will fail even if unmeasured=0. */
"node_id=$557365204145532d32353620696e73746561642e bw=1024 vote=0 "
("node_id=$557365204145532d32353620696e73746561642e bw=1024 vote=0 "
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