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Disable ed25519-donna's batch verification.

Fixes bug 40078.

As reported by hdevalence our batch verification logic can cause an assert

The assert happens because when the batch verification of ed25519-donna fails,
the code in `ed25519_checksig_batch()` falls back to doing a single
verification for each signature.

The crash occurs because batch verification failed, but then all signatures
individually verified just fine.

That's because batch verification and single verification use a different
equation which means that there are sigs that can pass single verification
but fail batch verification.

Fixing this would require modding ed25519-donna which is not in scope for
this ticket, and will be soon deprecated in favor of arti and
ed25519-dalek, so my branch instead removes batch verification.
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o Minor bugfix (crypto):
- Disable the unused batch verification feature of ed25519-donna. Fixes
bug 40078; bugfix on Found by Henry de Valence.
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -102,7 +102,7 @@ static const ed25519_impl_t impl_donna = {
NULL, /* Don't use donna's batching code because of #40078 */
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