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Add warning when trying to connect to deprecated v2 onions.

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o Minor features (onion services):
- Add warning message when connecting to deprecated v2 onions.
Closes ticket 40373.
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......@@ -2242,7 +2242,7 @@ connection_ap_handshake_rewrite_and_attach(entry_connection_t *conn,
/* Now, we handle everything that isn't a .onion address. */
if (addresstype != ONION_V3_HOSTNAME) {
if (addresstype != ONION_V3_HOSTNAME && addresstype != ONION_V2_HOSTNAME) {
/* Not a hidden-service request. It's either a hostname or an IP,
* possibly with a .exit that we stripped off. We're going to check
* if we're allowed to connect/resolve there, and then launch the
......@@ -2527,6 +2527,16 @@ connection_ap_handshake_rewrite_and_attach(entry_connection_t *conn,
return 0;
} else {
/* If we get here, it's a request for a .onion address! */
/* We don't support v2 onions anymore. Log a warning and bail. */
if (addresstype == ONION_V2_HOSTNAME) {
log_warn(LD_PROTOCOL, "Tried to connect to a v2 onion address, but this "
"version of Tor no longer supports them. Please encourage the "
"site operator to upgrade. For more information see "
return -1;
tor_assert(addresstype == ONION_V3_HOSTNAME);
return connection_ap_handle_onion(conn, socks, circ);
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