1. 12 Aug, 2021 40 commits
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      Bug 40416: Add v2 Onion deprecation warnings · 88be7039
      Richard Pospesel authored and boklm's avatar boklm committed
      - adds new v2 deprecated warning page (js and styling) that piggy-backs
        off of the existing added onion service errors
      - updates identity-icon to onionWarning.svg when visiting a v2 onion site adds
        warning tooltip; this warning supersedes all other identity states (including
        mixed-content error)
      - we determine whether to show the warning page in nsDocShell::DoURILoad()
      - a new synchonous IPC method is added to ContentChild/ContentParent to determine
        if the session has loaded the warning page already; worst case scenario, each
        child process will need to wait on this method to return only once when visiting
        a v2 onion; nothing is permanently cached with regards to this change
      - an exception for the new sync method is added to sync-messages.ini (generally,
        in practice adding new blocking methods is probably bad, but the minimial
        overhead and frequency this method is called is worth the simpler code)
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      Adding issue template for bugs. · 7532b694
      Gaba authored and boklm's avatar boklm committed
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      Bug 40475: Include clearing CORS preflight cache · b2cf6dae
      Matthew Finkel authored and boklm's avatar boklm committed
    • Matthew Finkel's avatar
      Bug 40432: Prevent probing installed applications · faafe632
      Matthew Finkel authored and boklm's avatar boklm committed
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      Bug 27476: Implement about:torconnect captive portal within Tor Browser · a5a912ec
      Richard Pospesel authored and boklm's avatar boklm committed
      - implements new about:torconnect page as tor-launcher replacement
      - adds tor connection status to url bar and tweaks UX when not online
      - adds new torconnect component to browser
      - tor process management functionality remains implemented in tor-launcher through the TorProtocolService module
      - the onion pattern from about:tor migrated to an .inc.xhtml file now used by both about:tor and about:torconnect
      - various design tweaks and resusability fixes to onion pattern
      - adds warning/error box to about:preferences#tor when not connected to tor
      - explicitly allows about:torconnect URIs to ignore Resist Fingerprinting (RFP)
      - various tweaks to info-pages.inc.css for about:torconnect (also affects other firefox info pages)
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      40209: Implement Basic Crypto Safety · 62ebc477
      sanketh authored and boklm's avatar boklm committed
      Adds a CryptoSafety actor which detects when you've copied a crypto
      address from a HTTP webpage and shows a warning.
      Closes #40209.
      Bug 40428: Fix string attribute names
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      Bug 1673237 - Always allow SVGs on about: pages r=acat,tjr,emilio · 0496a0e4
      sanketh authored and boklm's avatar boklm committed
      - Updated layout/svg/tests/test_disabled.html to ensure that this doesn't allow
        rendering SVGs on about:blank and about:srcdoc.
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D95139
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      Bug 1658881 - When failing to create a channel and an image request, make sure... · bc68fac3
      Emilio Cobos Álvarez authored and boklm's avatar boklm committed
      Bug 1658881 - When failing to create a channel and an image request, make sure to set the image blocking status appropriately. r=tnikkel
      This is the same status as we do for known no-data protocols here:
      This ensures we treat these two cases the same.
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D89382
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      Bug 40166: Disable security.certerrors.mitm.auto_enable_enterprise_roots · f5706504
      Alex Catarineu authored and boklm's avatar boklm committed
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      Bug 40091: Load HTTPS Everywhere as a builtin addon in desktop · 93ad2ab8
      Alex Catarineu authored and boklm's avatar boklm committed
      This loads HTTPS Everywhere as a builtin addon from a hardcoded
      resource:// URI in desktop. It also ensures that the non-builtin
      HTTPS Everywhere addon is always uninstalled on browser startup.
      The reason of making this desktop-only is that there are some issues
      when installing a builtin extension from geckoview side, making
      the extension not available on first startup. So, at least for
      now we handle the Fenix case separately. See #40118 for a followup
      for investigating these.
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      Bug 1650281 - P2: Make sure `gCombinedSizes` won't be underflowed r=gerald · e17f9c44
      Chun-Min Chang authored and boklm's avatar boklm committed
      In any case, `gCombinedSizes` should be larger than or equal to the
      buffer within `MemoryClockCache`.
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D84274
    • Chun-Min Chang's avatar
      Bug 1650281 - P1: Widen `gCombinedSizes` once the buffers grow r=gerald · 3993cb79
      Chun-Min Chang authored and boklm's avatar boklm committed
      The `gCombinedSizes` need to be enlarged once the inner buffer within
      `MemoryBlockCache` grows. Otherwise, when the `MemoryBlockCache` is
      released, subtracting the buffer-size of the `MemoryBlockCache` from
      `gCombinedSizes` lead to a underflow.
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D84273
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      Bug 40002: Remove about:pioneer · 9160aa7b
      Kathleen Brade authored and boklm's avatar boklm committed
      Firefox Pioneer is an opt-in program in which people volunteer to
      participate in studies that collect detailed, sensitive data about
      how they use their browser.
    • Alex Catarineu's avatar
      Bug 40073: Disable remote Public Suffix List fetching · dc0089de
      Alex Catarineu authored and boklm's avatar boklm committed
      In https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1563246 Firefox implemented
      fetching the Public Suffix List via RemoteSettings and replacing the default
      one at runtime, which we do not want.
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      Bug 40025: Remove Mozilla add-on install permissions · 1f1784e5
      Alex Catarineu authored and boklm's avatar boklm committed
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      Bug 33852: Clean up about:logins (LockWise) to avoid mentioning sync, etc. · 19956fbe
      Kathleen Brade authored and boklm's avatar boklm committed
      Hide elements on about:logins that mention sync, "Firefox LockWise", and
      Mozilla's LockWise mobile apps.
      Disable the "Create New Login" button when security.nocertdb is true.
    • Kathleen Brade's avatar
      Bug 32418: Allow updates to be disabled via an enterprise policy. · 7b09cddb
      Kathleen Brade authored and boklm's avatar boklm committed
      Restrict the Enterprise Policies mechanism to only consult a
      policies.json file (avoiding the Windows Registry and macOS's
      file system attributes).
      Add a few disabledByPolicy() checks to the update service to
      avoid extraneous (and potentially confusing) log messages when
      updates are disabled by policy.
      Sample content for distribution/policies.json:
        "policies": {
          "DisableAppUpdate": true
      On Linux, avoid reading policies from /etc/firefox/policies/policies.json
    • Alex Catarineu's avatar
      Bug 21952: Implement Onion-Location · 96c96a9c
      Alex Catarineu authored and boklm's avatar boklm committed
      Whenever a valid Onion-Location HTTP header (or corresponding HTML
      <meta> http-equiv attribute) is found in a document load, we either
      redirect to it (if the user opted-in via preference) or notify the
      presence of an onionsite alternative with a badge in the urlbar.
    • Alex Catarineu's avatar
      Bug 28005: Implement .onion alias urlbar rewrites · ff423571
      Alex Catarineu authored and boklm's avatar boklm committed
      A custom HTTPS Everywhere update channel is installed,
      which provides rules for locally redirecting some memorable
      .tor.onion URLs to non-memorable .onion URLs.
      When these redirects occur, we also rewrite the URL in the urlbar
      to display the human-memorable hostname instead of the actual
      Bug 34196: Update site info URL with the onion name
      Bug 40456: Update the SecureDrop HTTPS-Everywhere update channel
      Bug 40478: Onion alias url rewrite is broken
    • Alex Catarineu's avatar
      Bug 33342: Avoid disconnect search addon error after removal. · 11a95a3a
      Alex Catarineu authored and boklm's avatar boklm committed
      We removed the addon in #32767, but it was still being loaded
      from addonStartup.json.lz4 and throwing an error on startup
      because its resource: location is not available anymore.
    • Matthew Finkel's avatar
      Bug 28125 - Prevent non-Necko network connections · f7e31089
      Matthew Finkel authored and boklm's avatar boklm committed
    • Matthew Finkel's avatar
      Bug 25741 - TBA: Disable GeckoNetworkManager · 8e3aebff
      Matthew Finkel authored and boklm's avatar boklm committed
      The browser should not need information related to the network
      interface or network state, tor should take care of that.
    • Amogh Pradeep's avatar
      Orfox: Centralized proxy applied to AbstractCommunicator and BaseResources. · cb2be4b2
      Amogh Pradeep authored and boklm's avatar boklm committed
      See Bug 1357997 for partial uplift.
      Bug 28051 - Use our Orbot for proxying our connections
      Bug 31144 - ESR68 Network Code Review
    • Matthew Finkel's avatar
      Bug 24796 - Comment out excess permissions from GeckoView · 6ad3c320
      Matthew Finkel authored and boklm's avatar boklm committed
      The GeckoView AndroidManifest.xml is not preprocessed unlike Fennec's
      manifest, so we can't use the ifdef preprocessor guards around the
      permissions we do not want. Commenting the permissions is the
    • Georg Koppen's avatar
      Bug 32658: Create a new MAR signing key · 858867b1
      Georg Koppen authored and boklm's avatar boklm committed
      It's time for our rotation again: Move the backup key in the front
      position and add a new backup key.
      squash! Bug 32658: Create a new MAR signing key
      Bug 33803: Move our primary nightly MAR signing key to tor-browser
      Bug 33803: Add a secondary nightly MAR signing key
    • Kathleen Brade's avatar
      Bug 30237: Add v3 onion services client authentication prompt · ad02343b
      Kathleen Brade authored and boklm's avatar boklm committed
      When Tor informs the browser that client authentication is needed,
      temporarily load about:blank instead of about:neterror and prompt
      for the user's key.
      If a correctly formatted key is entered, use Tor's ONION_CLIENT_AUTH_ADD
      control port command to add the key (via Torbutton's control port
      module) and reload the page.
      If the user cancels the prompt, display the standard about:neterror
      "Unable to connect" page. This requires a small change to
      browser/actors/NetErrorChild.jsm to account for the fact that the
      docShell no longer has the failedChannel information. The failedChannel
      is used to extract TLS-related error info, which is not applicable
      in the case of a canceled .onion authentication prompt.
      Add a leaveOpen option to PopupNotifications.show so we can display
      error messages within the popup notification doorhanger without
      closing the prompt.
      Add support for onion services strings to the TorStrings module.
      Add support for Tor extended SOCKS errors (Tor proposal 304) to the
      socket transport and SOCKS layers. Improved display of all of these
      errors will be implemented as part of bug 30025.
      Also fixes bug 19757:
       Add a "Remember this key" checkbox to the client auth prompt.
       Add an "Onion Services Authentication" section within the
       about:preferences "Privacy & Security section" to allow
       viewing and removal of v3 onion client auth keys that have
       been stored on disk.
      Also fixes bug 19251: use enhanced error pages for onion service errors.
    • Richard Pospesel's avatar
      Bug 32220: Improve the letterboxing experience · 21253c98
      Richard Pospesel authored and boklm's avatar boklm committed
      CSS and JS changes to alter the UX surrounding letterboxing. The
      browser element containing page content is now anchored to the bottom
      of the toolbar, and the remaining letterbox margin is the same color
      as the firefox chrome. The letterbox margin and border are tied to
      the currently selected theme.
      Also adds a 'needsLetterbox' property to tabbrowser.xml to fix a race
      condition present when using the 'isEmpty' property. Using 'isEmpty'
      as a proxy for 'needsLetterbox' resulted in over-zealous/unnecessary
      letterboxing of about:blank tabs.
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      Bug 27604: Fix addon issues when moving TB directory · 12b795f6
      Alex Catarineu authored and boklm's avatar boklm committed
    • Alex Catarineu's avatar
      Bug 31740: Remove some unnecessary RemoteSettings instances · f732456b
      Alex Catarineu authored and boklm's avatar boklm committed
      More concretely, SearchService.jsm 'hijack-blocklists' and
      Avoid creating instance for 'anti-tracking-url-decoration'.
      If prefs are disabling their usage, avoid creating instances for
      'cert-revocations' and 'intermediates'.
      Do not ship JSON dumps for collections we do not expect to need. For
      the ones in the 'main' bucket, this prevents them from being synced
      unnecessarily (the code in remote-settings does so for collections
      in the main bucket for which a dump or local data exists). For the
      collections in the other buckets, we just save some size by not
      shipping their dumps.
      We also clear the collections database on the v2 -> v3 migration.
    • Alex Catarineu's avatar
      Bug 32092: Fix Tor Browser Support link in preferences · db2c0f4f
      Alex Catarineu authored and boklm's avatar boklm committed
    • Richard Pospesel's avatar
      Bug 31286: Implementation of bridge, proxy, and firewall settings in about:preferences#tor · c3562b5a
      Richard Pospesel authored and boklm's avatar boklm committed
      This patch adds a new about:preferences#tor page which allows modifying
      bridge, proxy, and firewall settings from within Tor Browser. All of the
      functionality present in tor-launcher's Network Configuration panel is
       - Setting built-in bridges
       - Requesting bridges from BridgeDB via moat
       - Using user-provided bridges
       - Configuring SOCKS4, SOCKS5, and HTTP/HTTPS proxies
       - Setting firewall ports
       - Viewing and Copying Tor's logs
       - The Networking Settings in General preferences has been removed
    • Alex Catarineu's avatar
      Bug 13543: Spoof smooth and powerEfficient for Media Capabilities · 85734f72
      Alex Catarineu authored and boklm's avatar boklm committed
    • Kathleen Brade's avatar
      Bug 31607: App menu items stop working on macOS · c00a59aa
      Kathleen Brade authored and boklm's avatar boklm committed
      Avoid re-creating the hidden window, since this causes the nsMenuBarX
      object that is associated with the app menu to be freed (which in
      turn causes all of the app menu items to stop working).
      More detail: There should only be one hidden window.
      XREMain::XRE_mainRun() contains an explicit call to create the
      hidden window and that is the normal path by which it is created.
      However, when Tor Launcher's wizard/progress window is opened during
      startup, a hidden window is created earlier as a side effect of
      calls to nsAppShellService::GetHiddenWindow(). Then, when
      XREMain::XRE_mainRun() creates its hidden window, the original one
      is freed which also causes the app menu's nsMenuBarX object which
      is associated with that window to be destroyed. When that happens,
      the menuGroupOwner property within each Cocoa menu items's MenuItemInfo
      object is cleared. This breaks the link that is necessary for
      NativeMenuItemTarget's menuItemHit method to dispatch a menu item
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      Bug 26961: New user onboarding. · 0940d973
      Kathleen Brade authored and boklm's avatar boklm committed
      Reuse the Firefox onboarding mechanism with minimal changes.
      Localizable strings are pulled in from Torbutton (if Torbutton is
        not installed, we lack about:tor and no tour will be shown).
      Replace SVG images with PNGs (see bug 27002),
      For defense in depth, omit include OnboardingTelemetry.jsm entirely.
      Added support for the following UITour page event:
      Also fix bug 27403: the onboarding bubble is not always displayed.
      Arthur suggested to make the onboarding bubble visible on displays with
      less than 960px width available, so we choose 200px instead.
      Also fix bug 28628: Change onboarding Security panel to open new
      Security Level panel.
      Also fix bug 27484: Improve navigation within onboarding.
      Bug 27082: enable a limited UITour
      Disallow access to UITour functionality from all pages other than
        about:home, about:newtab, and about:tor.
      Implement a whitelist mechanism for page actions.
      Bug 26962 - implement new features onboarding (part 1).
      Add an "Explore" button to the "Circuit Display" panel within new user
      onboarding which opens the DuckDuckGo .onion and then guides users through
      a short circuit display tutorial.
      Allow a few additional UITour actions while limiting as much as possible
      how it can be used.
      Tweak the UITour styles to match the Tor Browser branding.
      All user interface strings are retrieved from Torbutton's
      browserOnboarding.properties file.
      Bug 27486 Avoid about:blank tabs when opening onboarding pages.
      Instead of using a simple <a href>, programmatically open onboarding
      web pages by using tabBrowser.addTab(). The same technique is now
      used for "See My Path", "See FAQs", and "Visit an Onion".
      Bug 29768: Introduce new features to users
      Add an "update" tour for the Tor Browser 8.5 release that contains two
      panels: Toolbar and Security (with appropriate description text and
      Display an attention-grabbing dot on the onboarding text bubble when
      the update tour is active. The animation lasts for 14 seconds.
      Bug 31768: Introduce toolbar and network settings changes in onboarding
      Update the "Tor Network" onboarding page to include a note that
      settings can now be accessed via the application preferences and
      add an "Adjust Your Tor Network Settings" action button which opens
      Replace the Tor Browser 8.5 "update" onboarding tour with a 9.0 one
      that includes the revised "Tor Network" page and a revised "Toolbar"
      page. The latter explains that Torbutton's toolbar item has been
      removed ("Goodbye Onion Button") and explains how to access the
      New Identity feature using the hamburger menu and new toolbar item.
      Bug 34321 - Add Learn More onboarding item
      Bug 40429: Update Onboarding for 10.5
    • Alex Catarineu's avatar
      Bring back old Firefox onboarding · ccb6d381
      Alex Catarineu authored and boklm's avatar boklm committed
      Revert "Bug 1462415 - Delete onboarding system add-on r=Standard8,k88hudson"
      This reverts commit f7ffd78b.
      Revert "Bug 1498378 - Actually remove the old onboarding add-on's prefs r=Gijs"
      This reverts commit 057fe36f.
      Bug 28822: Convert onboarding to webextension
      Partially revert 1564367 (controlCenter in UITour.jsm)
    • Alex Catarineu's avatar
      Bug 27511: Add new identity button to toolbar · e76097c5
      Alex Catarineu authored and boklm's avatar boklm committed
      Also added 'New circuit for this site' button to CustomizableUI, but
      not visible by default.
    • Alex Catarineu's avatar
      Bug 31575: Replace Firefox Home (newtab) with about:tor · b8128767
      Alex Catarineu authored and boklm's avatar boklm committed
      Avoid loading AboutNewTab in BrowserGlue.jsm in order
      to avoid several network requests that we do not need. Besides,
      about:newtab will now point to about:blank or about:tor (depending
      on browser.newtabpage.enabled) and about:home will point to
    • Alex Catarineu's avatar
      Bug 26345: Hide tracking protection UI · 463e53c9
      Alex Catarineu authored and boklm's avatar boklm committed
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    • Georg Koppen's avatar
      Bug 30541: Disable WebGL readPixel() for web content · a45cab84
      Georg Koppen authored and boklm's avatar boklm committed