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1) Get the current repo:
$ git clone
2) Check if you have Dropbox and GnuPG Python modules. If not, install them:
$ pip install dropbox gnupg
4) Get the PGP key that signs the Tor Browser Bundles.
3) Change general configuration and account info in dropbox.cfg.
3) Run the script:
$ python
If everything works fine, you should see a dropbox.links file inside the
'providers' directory. The script will take the files on upload_dir
(dropbox.cfg) that end up on .xz and .xz.asc respectively. A script for
getting the latest bundles from is pending.
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1) Clone into the latest version of gettor:
$ git clone
2) Get the PGP key that signs the Tor Browser Bundle
2) Visit and follow OAUTH2 process to get client ID and client secret for 'other' desktop application.
3) Edit drive.cfg to with new client-id and secret. Leave refresh_token empty.
4) Install the google drive API python client:
$ pip install --upgrade google-api-python-client
5) Run the script:
$ python
The first time the script is run, you will have to authorize it through a web browser. You will be prompted with a URL. Once that is done, a refresh token will be stored locally so that re-authorzing is unnesaccary.
The script will then look for files in upload_dir (as specified in drive.cfg) and upload them to google drive. If no errors occur, it will then add formatted links and hash information to the drive.links file.
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