Commit 36820cc1 authored by Cecylia Bocovich's avatar Cecylia Bocovich
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Update GetTor links message

This makes the following changes to the links message:
- Breaks user actions into steps
- Simplifies wordings
- Includes signature verification and bridge instructions
parent 7f1fd7e2
......@@ -122,9 +122,10 @@ class Sendmail(object):
Build the links strings
link_msg = None
link_msg = ""
for link in links:
provider = link[5]
version = link[4]
arch = link[3]
......@@ -132,11 +133,9 @@ class Sendmail(object):
file = link[7]
sig_url = url + ".asc"
link_str = "Tor Browser {} for {}-{}-{} ({}): {}\n".format(
version, platform, locale, arch, provider, url
link_str = "\t{}: {}\n".format(provider, url)
link_str += "Signature file: {}\n".format(sig_url)
link_str += "\tSignature file: {}\n".format(sig_url)
link_msg = "{}\n{}".format(link_msg, link_str)
......@@ -144,13 +143,15 @@ class Sendmail(object):
def build_body_message(self, link_msg, platform, file):
body_msg = strings._("links_body_platform").format(platform)
body_msg += strings._("links_body_links").format(link_msg)
body_msg += strings._("links_body_archive")
body_msg = strings._("body_intro")
body_msg += strings._("links_body_platform").format(platform)
body_msg += strings._("links_body_step1").format(link_msg)
body_msg += strings._("links_body_archive").format(file)
body_msg += strings._("links_body_internet_archive")
body_msg += strings._("links_body_google_drive")
body_msg += strings._("links_body_download_filename").format(file)
body_msg += strings._("links_body_ending")
body_msg += strings._("links_body_step2")
body_msg += strings._("links_body_step3")
return body_msg
"body_intro": "This is an automated email response from GetTor.\n\n",
"links_body_platform": "You requested Tor Browser for {}.\n\n",
"links_body_links": "You will need only one of the links below to download the bundle. If a link does not work for you, try the next one.\n\n{}\n\n",
"links_body_archive": "Should you have issues with any of the links above you can access the following archives:\n\n",
"links_body_internet_archive": "- Internet Archive:\n\n",
"links_body_google_drive": "- Google Drive folder:\n\n",
"links_body_download_filename": "Download the file: {}\n\n",
"links_body_ending": "\n--\nGetTor",
"links_body_step1": "Step 1: Download Tor Browser\n\n\tFirst, try downloading Tor Browser from either GitLab or GitHub:\n\n{}\n\n",
"links_body_archive": "\tIf you cannot download Tor Browser from GitLab or GitHub,\n\ttry downloading the file {}\n\tfrom the following archives:\n\n",
"links_body_internet_archive": "\tInternet Archive:\n\n",
"links_body_google_drive": "\tGoogle Drive folder:\n\n",
"links_body_step2": "Step 2: Verify the signature (Optional)\n\n\tVerifying the signature ensures that a certain package was generated by its\n\tdevelopers, and has not been tampered with. This email provides links to signature\n\tfiles that have the same name as the Tor Browser file, but end with \".asc\" instead.\n\n",
"links_body_step3": "Step 3: Get Bridges (Optional)\n\n\tIf you believe that Tor is blocked where you are, you can use bridges to connect\n\tto Tor. Bridges are hidden Tor relays that can circumvent censorship.\n\tTor Browser includes a list of built-in bridges, which you should try first.\n\tYou can activate built-in bridges inside of Tor Browser's settings, under the\n\t\"Tor\" menu. If built-in bridges don't work, try requesting different bridges,\n\twhich you can also do in the \"Tor\" menu inside Tor Browser's settings.\n\n",
"links_subject": "[GetTor] Links for your request",
"help_body_intro": "GetTor can send you download links for Tor Browser.\n",
"help_body_support": "Simply reply to this email and write the operating system you want to install Tor Browser on in your response. We support the following operating systems:\n\n",
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