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Commit ff078106 authored by Hiro's avatar Hiro 🏄
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Include feedback from review

parent fb3155de
......@@ -202,12 +202,12 @@ class Sendmail(object):
link_msg = link_str
body_msg = strings._("links_body_platform").format(platform)
body_msg += trings._("links_body_links").format(link_msg)
body_msg += trings._("links_body_archive")
body_msg += trings._("links_body_internet_archive")
body_msg += trings._("links_body_google_drive")
body_msg += trings._("links_body_internet_archive").format(file)
body_msg += trings._("links_body_ending")
body_msg += strings._("links_body_links").format(link_msg)
body_msg += strings._("links_body_archive")
body_msg += strings._("links_body_internet_archive")
body_msg += strings._("links_body_google_drive")
body_msg += strings._("links_body_internet_archive").format(file)
body_msg += strings._("links_body_ending")
subject_msg = strings._("links_subject")
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ the Tor Browser.
(c) 2014, all entities within the AUTHORS file
:license: see included LICENSE for information
This file starts GetTor as a twistd app. This is the fila that is called by
This file starts GetTor as a twistd app. This is the file that is called by
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