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# Probetest
This is a collection of scripts for performing automatic reachability tests of Snowflake and obfs4.
### Setup
#### Docker
We have a docker image for performing these tests.
#### Manual
1. Install dependencies
# python and required packages
apt-get install python3 tcpdump wget
pip3 install stem
Golang 1.13+
# tor and obfs4proxy
apt install obfs4proxy tor torsocks
2. Build the stun test
#build scripts
cd stun-test
go build
3. Configure tcpdump
### Running tests
Usage: `./ [TYPE] [SITENAME]`
[SITENAME] is an arbitrary identifier for the probe site
that you have to choose.
[TYPE] is the type of probe test to be performed. Right now
there are two types: "obfs4"|"snowflake"
The bridge_lines.txt file should contain a list of bridges to test. Each line corresponds to a bridge and should be of the form:
where <bridge_line> is the line to go in the torrc file and is structured as follows:
obfs4 <IP:Port> <FINGERPRINT> cert=<CERT> iat-mode=0
Add to crontab to run tests 4x a day:
0 */6 * * * cd ~/bridgetest && ./ [TYPE] [SITENAME]
Analyze Tor bootstrap progress from logs:
1. Make the CSV: find log -name '*.log' | sort | ./makecsv > bootstrap.csv
2. Plot the results: Rscript plot-bootstrap.R bootstrap.csv
Analyze obfs4 throughput from pcap files:
1. Adapt the variables CLIENT_TUPLE and SERVER_TUPLE in
2. Run the script: python download.pcap > download.csv
3. Plot the results: Rscript obfs4-throughput.R download.csv
Analyze snowflake throughput from pcap files:
1. Plot the results: Rscript snowflake-throughput.R snowflake-throughput.csv
Analyze snowflake reachability from log files:
1. Run the script find log -name '*.log' | sort | ./ > stage.csv
2. Plot the results Rscript snowflake-stage.R stage.csv
### Clean up ###
To remove generate pcap files, run
find log/ -name "*.pcap* --delete
......@@ -105,9 +105,6 @@"starting")
#Now do a set of probes of snowflake proxies
for x in range(0, 10):
# Need to flush dns caches["/usr/bin/systemd-resolve", "--flush-caches"])
# Set up logs and datadir for probe
nickname = "snowflake-probe-%(num)d" % {"num": x}
datadir = tempfile.mkdtemp(prefix="datadir.", dir=".")
......@@ -131,10 +128,11 @@ for x in range(0, 10):
"Log": "notice file %s" % os.path.join(".", "%s.log" % nickname),
"UseBridges": "1",
"ClientTransportPlugin": "snowflake exec %s \
-url \
-log snowflake.log \
-url \
-front \
-log snowflake.log \
-ice,,,,,,,,,,," % SNOWFLAKE_PATH,
"Bridge": "snowflake",
"Bridge": "snowflake",
tor_proc, socks_port, _ = start_tor(tor_config)
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