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......@@ -9,16 +9,19 @@ apt install obfs4proxy tor torsocks
[SITENAME] is an arbitrary identifier for the probe site
that you have to choose.
[TYPE] is the type of probe test to be performed. Right not
there is only one type: 'obfs4'.
The bridge_lines.txt file should contain a list of bridges to test. Each line corresponds to a bridge and should be of the form:
where <bridge_line> is the line to go in the torrc file and is structured as follows:
obfs4 <IP:Port> <FINGERPRINT> cert=<CERT> iat-mode=0
Add to crontab to run tests 4x a day:
0 */6 * * * cd ~/bridgetest && ./ [SITENAME]
0 */6 * * * cd ~/bridgetest && ./ [TYPE] [SITENAME]
Generate a CSV file from logs:
find log -name '*.log' | sort | ./makecsv > bridgetest.csv
find log -name '*.log' | sort | ./makecsv > obfs4test.csv
Make a graph:
Rscript graph.R bridgetest.csv
Rscript graph.R obfs4test.csv
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