Commit 0c2ab258 authored by Arlo Breault's avatar Arlo Breault
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Handle onicecandidate firing after connection closed

This might just be an issue with node-webrtc but seems a harmless

Trac: 34126
parent 5aa14972
......@@ -46,11 +46,11 @@ class ProxyPair {
this.pc.onicecandidate = (evt) => {
// Browser sends a null candidate once the ICE gathering completes.
if (null === evt.candidate) {
if (null === evt.candidate && this.pc.connectionState !== 'closed') {
// TODO: Use a promise.all to tell Snowflake about all offers at once,
// once multiple proxypairs are supported.
dbg('Finished gathering ICE candidates.');
return, this.pc.localDescription);, this.pc.localDescription);
// OnDataChannel triggered remotely from the client when connection succeeds.
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