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Commit bbf3629e authored by David Fifield's avatar David Fifield

Update bug-reporting instructions.

Option 1 is to request an account at Option 2 is
to edit the public pad I just created.

Closes #14.
parent 38f54930
......@@ -76,24 +76,25 @@
<h2 data-msgid="__MSG_reportingBugs__">Reporting Bugs</h2>
<p data-msgid="__MSG_fileBug__">If you encounter problems with Snowflake as a client or a proxy,
please consider filing a bug. To do so, you will have to,</p>
please consider filing a bug report. There are two ways to file a bug report:</p>
<li data-msgid="__MSG_sharedAccount__">
Either <a href="">create an
account</a> or <a href="">log in</a>
using the shared <b>cypherpunks</b> account with password <b>writecode</b>.</li>
<li data-msgid="__MSG_bugTracker__">
<a href="">File a ticket</a>
using our bug tracker.</li>
<a href="">Request an account</a>
at the Tor Project GitLab, then
<a href="">open a new issue</a>
in the Snowflake project.
<li data-msgid="__MSG_sharedAccount__">
Edit the
<a href="">public bug-reporting pad</a>
of the anti-censorship team.
<p data-msgid="__MSG_descriptive__">
Please try to be as descriptive as possible with your ticket and if
possible include log messages that will help us reproduce the bug.
Consider adding keywords <em>snowflake-webextension</em> or <em>snowflake-client</em>
to let us know how which part of the Snowflake system is experiencing
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