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# Snowflake
This is the browser proxy component of Snowflake.
### Embedding
......@@ -82,6 +84,55 @@ Then run the command to copy the new files to the live web servers:
ssh staticiforme 'static-update-component'
### Publishing
Making a new release involves updating a few places,
1. Uploading the webextension to the Firefox Add-ons and Chrome Web Store
2. Publishing the new version to the npm repository
3. Deploying the badge to
The following is a rough guide to getting that done:
# Clean things up
npm run clean
# Maybe check what's left behind
git clean -n -d -x
# Be sure that translation/en/messages.json has been populated with any new
# strings that may have been merged in the recent patches. It may take some
# time for transifex to have updated. You can check with the following,
git submodule update --remote
# But note that it's also run as part of the "pack-webext" script, so return
# it to previously committed state,
git submodule update
# Bump and pack the webext, where "x.y.z" is the version being released
npm run pack-webext x.y.z
# Push the bump commit and tags
git push origin master
git push origin --tags
# Upload the generated (and to the webextension stores,
# 1.
# 2.
# This time, really clean, because we don't want any extraneous files uploaded
git clean -f -d -x
# Send it off to npm
npm publish
# Clean things up
npm run clean
# From here on out, follow the "Deploying" section of the README
### Parameters
With no parameters,
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