Commit 193f518b authored by trinity-1686a's avatar trinity-1686a 🤖
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CI: make fail when new deps not in misc/Cargo.lock

Currently adding new deps can cause builds to not be reproducibles
because that new dependancies don't have their versions frozen in
This make so CI reject commits in that situation, with a message telling
what to do to fix the issue.
parent 1c08bb44
......@@ -16,6 +16,9 @@ rust-latest:
- cargo fmt -- --check
- cargo install cargo-audit
- cargo audit -D warnings
- cp misc/Cargo.lock Cargo.lock
- cargo fetch
- diff misc/Cargo.lock Cargo.lock || (echo 'Some new dependancies were added. Please run "./maint/" and commit.' && false)
- amd64
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