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    Split most of dirserv.c into several new modules · b54a5e70
    Nick Mathewson authored
    In dirauth:
      * bwauth.c reads and uses bandwidth files
      * guardfraction.c reads and uses the guardfraction file
      * reachability.c tests relay reachability
      * recommend_pkg.c handles the recommended-packages lines.
      * recv_descs.c handles fingerprint files and processing incoming
        routerinfos that relays upload to us
      * voteflag.c computes flag thresholds and sets those thresholds on
        routerstatuses when computing votes
    In control:
      * fmt_serverstatus.c generates the ancient "v1 server status"
        format that controllers expect.
    In nodelist:
      * routerstatus_fmt.c formats routerstatus entries for a consensus,
        a vote, or for the controller.