Commit 004f3f4e authored by Nick Mathewson's avatar Nick Mathewson 🎨
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Actually advertise IPv6 exit policies.

I have a theory that my tests will work better if the code I'm testing
isn't disabled.
parent 2889bd26
......@@ -1622,11 +1622,13 @@ router_rebuild_descriptor(int force)
ri->policy_is_reject_star =
#if 0
/* XXXX024 Don't actually enable this code until exiting to an IPv6
* address works. */
ri->ipv6_exit_policy = policy_summarize(&ri->exit_policy, AF_INET6);
if (options->IPv6Exit) {
char *p_tmp = policy_summarize(ri->exit_policy, AF_INET6);
if (p_tmp)
ri->ipv6_exit_policy = parse_short_policy(p_tmp);
#if 0
/* XXXX NM NM I belive this is safe to remove */
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