Commit 02a43e5e authored by Nick Mathewson's avatar Nick Mathewson
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Merge remote-tracking branch 'public/bug7059'

parents b17aa28e 0e8be13b
o Minor features (controller):
- Allow an optional $ before the node identity digest in the
controller command GETINFO ns/id/<identity>, for consistency with
md/id/<identity> and desc/id/<identity>.
......@@ -2374,8 +2374,11 @@ getinfo_helper_networkstatus(control_connection_t *conn,
return 0;
} else if (!strcmpstart(question, "ns/id/")) {
char d[DIGEST_LEN];
const char *q = question + 6;
if (*q == '$')
if (base16_decode(d, DIGEST_LEN, question+6, strlen(question+6))) {
if (base16_decode(d, DIGEST_LEN, q, strlen(q))) {
*errmsg = "Data not decodeable as hex";
return -1;
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