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man: Add the MetricsPort manpage entry

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......@@ -744,6 +744,48 @@ forward slash (/) in the configuration file and on the command line.
total; this is intended to be used to debug problems without opening live
servers to resource exhaustion attacks. (Default: 10 MBytes)
[[MetricsPort]] **MetricsPort** ['address'**:**]{empty}__port__ [__format__]::
WARNING: Before enabling this, it is important to understand that exposing
tor metrics publicly is dangerous to the Tor network users. Please take
extra precaution and care when opening this port. Set a very strict access
policy with MetricsPortPolicy and consider using your operating systems
firewall features for defense in depth.
We recommend, for the prometheus __format__, that the only address that
can access this port should be the Prometheus server itself. Remember that
the connection is unencrypted (HTTP) hence consider using a tool like
stunnel to secure the link from this port to the server.
If set, open this port to listen for an HTTP GET request to "/metrics".
Upon a request, the collected metrics in the the tor instance are
formatted for the given format and then sent back. If this is set,
MetricsPortPolicy must be defined else every request will be rejected.
Supported format is "prometheus" which is also the default if not set. The
Prometheus data model can be found here:
The tor metrics are constantly collected and they solely consists of
counters. Thus, asking for those metrics is very lightweight on the tor
process. (Default: None)
As an example, here only will be allowed to connect:
MetricsPortPolicy accept
[[MetricsPortPolicy]] **MetricsPortPolicy** __policy__,__policy__,__...__::
Set an entrance policy for the **MetricsPort**, to limit who can access
it. The policies have the same form as exit policies below, except that
port specifiers are ignored. For multiple entries, this line can be used
multiple times. It is a reject all by default policy. (Default: None)
Please, keep in mind here that if the server collecting metrics on the
MetricsPort is behind a NAT, then everything behind it can access it. This
is similar for the case of allowing localhost, every users on the server
will be able to access it. Again, strongly consider using a tool like
stunnel to secure the link or to strengthen access control.
[[NoExec]] **NoExec** **0**|**1**::
If this option is set to 1, then Tor will never launch another
executable, regardless of the settings of ClientTransportPlugin
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