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doc: Man page entries for KIST

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...@@ -782,6 +782,36 @@ GENERAL OPTIONS ...@@ -782,6 +782,36 @@ GENERAL OPTIONS
option has been set to 1, it cannot be set back to 0 without option has been set to 1, it cannot be set back to 0 without
restarting Tor. (Default: 0) restarting Tor. (Default: 0)
[[Schedulers]] **Schedulers** **KIST**|**KISTLite**|**Vanilla**::
Specify the scheduler type that tor should use to handle outbound data on
channels. This is an ordered list by priority which means that the first
value will be tried first and if unavailable, the second one is tried and
so on. It is possible to change thse values at runtime.
(Default: KIST,KISTLite,Vanilla)
The possible scheduler types are:
KIST: Kernel Informed Socket Transport. Tor will use the kernel tcp
information stack per-socket to make an informed decision on if it should
send or not the data. (Only available on Linux)
KISTLite: Same as KIST but without kernel support which means that tor
will use all the same mecanics as KIST but without the TCP information the
kernel can provide.
Vanilla: The scheduler that tor has always used that is do as much as
possible or AMAP.
[[KISTSchedRunInterval]] **KISTSchedRunInterval** __NUM__ **msec**::
If KIST or KISTLite is used in Schedulers option, this control at which
interval the scheduler tick is. If the value is 0 msec, the value is taken
from the consensus if possible else it will fallback to the default 10
msec. Maximum possible value is 100 msec. (Default: 0 msec)
[[KISTSockBufSizeFactor]] **KISTSockBufSizeFactor** __NUM__::
If KIST is used in Schedulers, this is a multiplier of the per-socket
limit calculation of the KIST algorithm. (Default: 1.0)
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