Commit 1d2e8020 authored by Nick Mathewson's avatar Nick Mathewson 👁
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Fix bug9309, and n_noncanonical count/continue code

When we moved channel_matches_target_addr_for_extend() into a separate
function, its sense was inverted from what one might expect, and we
didn't have a ! in one place where we should have.

Found by skruffy.
parent 0eca8737
o Minor bugfixes:
- When evaluating whether to use a connection that we haven't
decided is canonical using a recent link protocol version,
decide that it's canonical only if it used address _does_
match the desired address. Fixes bug 9309; bugfix on Reported by skruffy.
......@@ -3037,7 +3037,7 @@ channel_get_for_extend(const char *digest,
if (chan->state != CHANNEL_STATE_OPEN) {
/* If the address matches, don't launch a new connection for this
* circuit. */
if (!channel_matches_target_addr_for_extend(chan, target_addr))
if (channel_matches_target_addr_for_extend(chan, target_addr))
......@@ -4053,7 +4053,7 @@ channel_matches_extend_info(channel_t *chan, extend_info_t *extend_info)
* Check if a channel matches a given target address
* Check if a channel matches a given target address; return true iff we do.
* This function calls into the lower layer and asks if this channel thinks
* it matches a given target address for circuit extension purposes.
......@@ -546,7 +546,7 @@ channel_tls_matches_extend_info_method(channel_t *chan,
* Check if we match a target address
* Check if we match a target address; return true iff we do.
* This implements the matches_target method for channel_tls t_; the upper
* layer wants to know if this channel matches a target address when extending
......@@ -563,8 +563,7 @@ channel_tls_matches_target_method(channel_t *chan,
return tor_addr_compare(&(tlschan->conn->real_addr),
target, CMP_EXACT);
return tor_addr_eq(&(tlschan->conn->real_addr), target);
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