Commit 272cb803 authored by Jigsaw52's avatar Jigsaw52
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Avoid unused function warnings on libc's without GLOB_ALTDIRFUNC #40354

parent c359c305
o Minor bugfixes (compilation):
- Fix a compilation warning about unused functions when building with
a libc that lacks the GLOB_ALTDIRFUNC constant. Fixes bug 40354;
bugfix on Patch by Daniel Pinto.
......@@ -533,6 +533,7 @@ unglob_win32(const char *pattern, int prev_sep, int next_sep)
return result;
#ifdef GLOB_ALTDIRFUNC // prevent warning about unused functions
/** Same as opendir but calls sandbox_intern_string before */
static DIR *
prot_opendir(const char *name)
......@@ -571,6 +572,7 @@ wrap_closedir(void *arg)
#endif /* defined(GLOB_ALTDIRFUNC) */
#endif /* defined(HAVE_GLOB) */
/** Return a new list containing the paths that match the pattern
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