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 Incorporate ideas from or-dev discussion.

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......@@ -234,7 +234,38 @@ Discussion: Reducing round-trips
Discussion: Advertising versions in routerdescs and networkstatuses.
In network-statuses:
The networkstatus "v" line now has the format:
LINK-VERSION-LIST and CIRCUIT-VERSION-LIST are comma-separated lists of
supported version numbers. IMPLEMENTATION is the name of the
implementation of the Tor protocol (e.g., "Tor"), and IMPL-VERSION is the
version of the implementation.
v Tor Link 0,1,2,3 Circuit 0,2,5
v OtherOR 2000+ Link 3 Circuit 5
Implementations that release independently of the Tor codebase SHOULD NOT
use "Tor" as the value of their IMPLEMENTATION.
Additional fields on the "v" line MUSTbe ignored.
In router descriptors:
The router descriptor should contain a line of the form,
Additional fields on the "protocols" line MUST be ignored.
[Versions of Tor before rejected router descriptors with
unrecognized items; the protocols line should be preceded with an "opt"
until these Tors are obsolete.]
Security issues:
......@@ -244,8 +275,11 @@ Security issues:
version, it will get a disproportionate amount of traffic from clients who
prefer that version. We can mitigate this somewhat as follows:
- Do not have clients prefer any protocol version by default
until that version is widespread.
- Do not have clients prefer any protocol version by default until that
version is widespread. (First introduce the new version to servers,
and have clients admit to using it only when configured to do so for
testing. Then, once many servers are running the new protocol
version, enable its use by default.)
- Do not multiply protocol versions needlessly.
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