Commit 3033f845 authored by Sebastian Hahn's avatar Sebastian Hahn
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Remove a dead variable in the heartbeat code

parent 3bf808c3
o Minor bugfixes:
- Prevent using negative indices during unit test runs when read_all()
fails. Spotted by coverity. Bugfix on
o Code simplifications and refactoring:
- Remove a dead variable in the heartbeat log code. Spotted by coverity.
......@@ -84,7 +84,6 @@ log_heartbeat(time_t now)
char *bw_rcvd = NULL;
char *uptime = NULL;
const routerinfo_t *me;
const node_t *myself;
or_options_t *options = get_options();
......@@ -94,7 +93,7 @@ log_heartbeat(time_t now)
if (!(me = router_get_my_routerinfo()))
return -1; /* Something stinks, we won't even attempt this. */
if (!(myself = node_get_by_id(me->cache_info.identity_digest)))
if (!node_get_by_id(me->cache_info.identity_digest))
log_fn(LOG_NOTICE, LD_HEARTBEAT, "Heartbeat: It seems like we are not "
"in the cached consensus.");
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