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......@@ -21,3 +21,6 @@ the initscripts shell script.
Steven Hazel <> made 'make install' do the right
Jason Holt <> contributed patches to the instructions
and the man page.
......@@ -24,8 +24,11 @@ Do you want to run a tor server?
Then run tor to generate keys. One of the files generated
in your DataDirectory is your 'fingerprint' file. Mail it to Remember that you won't be able to authenticate to the
other tor nodes until I've added you to the directory.
NOTE: You won't be able to use tor as a client or server
in this configuration until you've been added to the directory
and can authenticate to the other nodes.
Configuring tsocks:
......@@ -83,7 +83,9 @@ The fqdn of this server (e.g.
Store working data in DIR (Default: @LOCALSTATEDIR@/lib/tor)
\fBexitpolicy \fR\fIpolicy,policy,...\fP
Set an exit policy for this server. Each policy is of the form "reject*". Also handles masks and bits.
Set an exit policy for this server. Each policy is of the form "reject ADDR/MASK:PORT". For exam
ple, "reject*,reject*,accept *:*" would reject any traffic destined fo
r localhost and any 192.168.1.* address, but accept anything else.
\fBmaxonionspending \fR\fINUM\fP
If you have more than this number of onionskins queued for decrypt, reject new ones. (Default: 100)
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