Unverified Commit 340da669 authored by Taylor Yu's avatar Taylor Yu Committed by teor
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Add more optional packages to Travis

Apparently we weren't building with either libcap or libseccomp on
Travis.  Install libcap-dev and libseccomp-dev in .travis.yml.  Closes
ticket 26560.
parent 27a2a6cb
......@@ -42,11 +42,12 @@ addons:
## Required dependencies
- libevent-dev
- libseccomp2
- zlib1g-dev
## Optional dependencies
- libcap-dev
- liblzma-dev
- libscrypt-dev
- libseccomp-dev
## zstd doesn't exist in Ubuntu Trusty
#- libzstd
o Minor features (continuous integration):
- Install libcap-dev and libseccomp2-dev so these optional
dependencies get tested on Travis CI. Closes ticket 26560.
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