Commit 353d2fe7 authored by Sebastian Hahn's avatar Sebastian Hahn
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Re-remove the --disable-threads configure option

parent 37d16c3c
o Minor bugfixes
- Remove the --disable-threads configure option again. It was accidentally
partially re-introduced in 29ac883606d6d5ebfdcc2efceb2b4b60ee6a8916.
Fixes bug 13819; bugfix on
......@@ -156,22 +156,6 @@ if test x$enable_systemd = xyes -a x$have_systemd != xyes ; then
AC_MSG_ERROR([Explicitly requested systemd support, but systemd not found])
AS_HELP_STRING(--disable-threads, disable multi-threading support))
if test x$enable_threads = x; then
case $host in
*-*-solaris* )
# Don't try multithreading on solaris -- cpuworkers seem to lock.
AC_MSG_NOTICE([You are running Solaris; Sometimes threading makes
cpu workers lock up here, so I will disable threads.])
case $host in
*-*-solaris* )
AC_DEFINE(_REENTRANT, 1, [Define on some platforms to activate x_r() functions in time.h])
......@@ -400,9 +384,8 @@ fi
AC_SEARCH_LIBS(pthread_create, [pthread])
AC_SEARCH_LIBS(pthread_detach, [pthread])
AM_CONDITIONAL(THREADS_WIN32, test "$enable_threads" = "yes" && test "$bwin32" = "true")
AM_CONDITIONAL(THREADS_PTHREADS, test "$enable_threads" = "yes" && test "$bwin32" = "false")
AM_CONDITIONAL(THREADS_NONE, test "$enable_threads" != "yes")
AM_CONDITIONAL(THREADS_WIN32, test "$bwin32" = "true")
AM_CONDITIONAL(THREADS_PTHREADS, test "$bwin32" = "false")
dnl -------------------------------------------------------------------
dnl Check for functions before libevent, since libevent-1.2 apparently
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