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......@@ -2,6 +2,365 @@ This document summarizes new features and bugfixes in each stable
release of Tor. If you want to see more detailed descriptions of the
changes in each development snapshot, see the ChangeLog file.
Changes in version - 2019-12-09
This is the second stable release in the 0.4.0.x series. This release
backports several bugfixes to improve stability and correctness. Anyone
experiencing build problems or crashes with, including all relays
relying on AccountingMax, should upgrade.
Note that, per our support policy, support for the 0.4.0.x series will end
on 2 Feb 2020. Anyone still running 0.4.0.x should plan to upgrade to the
latest stable release, or downgrade to 0.3.5.x, which will get long-term
support until 1 Feb 2022.
o Directory authority changes (backport from
- The directory authority "dizum" has a new IP address. Closes
ticket 31406.
o Major bugfixes (bridges, backport from
- Consider our directory information to have changed when our list
of bridges changes. Previously, Tor would not re-compute the
status of its directory information when bridges changed, and
therefore would not realize that it was no longer able to build
circuits. Fixes part of bug 29875.
- Do not count previously configured working bridges towards our
total of working bridges. Previously, when Tor's list of bridges
changed, it would think that the old bridges were still usable,
and delay fetching router descriptors for the new ones. Fixes part
of bug 29875; bugfix on
o Major bugfixes (circuit build, guard, backport from
- When considering upgrading circuits from "waiting for guard" to
"open", always ignore circuits that are marked for close. Otherwise,
we can end up in the situation where a subsystem is notified that
a closing circuit has just opened, leading to undesirable
behavior. Fixes bug 30871; bugfix on
o Major bugfixes (Onion service reachability, backport from
- Properly clean up the introduction point map when circuits change
purpose from onion service circuits to pathbias, measurement, or
other circuit types. This should fix some service-side instances
of introduction point failure. Fixes bug 29034; bugfix
o Major bugfixes (onion service v3, backport from
- Fix an unreachable bug in which an introduction point could try to
send an INTRODUCE_ACK with a status code that Trunnel would refuse
to encode, leading the relay to assert(). We've consolidated the
ABI values into Trunnel now. Fixes bug 30454; bugfix
- Clients can now handle unknown status codes from INTRODUCE_ACK
cells. (The NACK behavior will stay the same.) This will allow us
to extend status codes in the future without breaking the normal
client behavior. Fixes another part of bug 30454; bugfix
o Major bugfixes (relay, backport from
- Relays now respect their AccountingMax bandwidth again. When
relays entered "soft" hibernation (which typically starts when
we've hit 90% of our AccountingMax), we had stopped checking
whether we should enter hard hibernation. Soft hibernation refuses
new connections and new circuits, but the existing circuits can
continue, meaning that relays could have exceeded their configured
AccountingMax. Fixes bug 32108; bugfix on
o Major bugfixes (torrc parsing, backport from
- Stop ignoring torrc options after an %include directive, when the
included directory ends with a file that does not contain any
config options (but does contain comments or whitespace). Fixes
bug 31408; bugfix on
o Major bugfixes (v3 onion services, backport from
- Onion services now always use the exact number of intro points
configured with the HiddenServiceNumIntroductionPoints option (or
fewer if nodes are excluded). Before, a service could sometimes
pick more intro points than configured. Fixes bug 31548; bugfix
o Minor features (compile-time modules, backport from version
- Add a "--list-modules" command to print a list of which compile-
time modules are enabled. Closes ticket 30452.
o Minor features (continuous integration, backport from
- Remove sudo configuration lines from .travis.yml as they are no
longer needed with current Travis build environment. Resolves
issue 30213.
o Minor features (continuous integration, backport from
- Our Travis configuration now uses Chutney to run some network
integration tests automatically. Closes ticket 29280.
o Minor features (continuous integration, backport from
- When building on Appveyor and Travis, pass the "-k" flag to make,
so that we are informed of all compilation failures, not just the
first one or two. Closes ticket 31372.
o Minor features (fallback directory list, backport from
- Replace the 157 fallbacks originally introduced in Tor
in December 2018 (of which ~122 were still functional), with a
list of 148 fallbacks (70 new, 78 existing, 79 removed) generated
in June 2019. Closes ticket 28795.
o Minor features (geoip, backport from
- Update geoip and geoip6 to the December 3 2019 Maxmind GeoLite2
Country database. Closes ticket 32685.
o Minor features (stem tests, backport from
- Change "make test-stem" so it only runs the stem tests that use
tor. This change makes test-stem faster and more reliable. Closes
ticket 31554.
o Minor bugfixes (Appveyor CI, backport from
- Avoid spurious errors when Appveyor CI fails before the install step.
Fixes bug 31884; bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (build system, backport form
- Do not include the deprecated <sys/sysctl.h> on Linux or Windows
systems. Fixes bug 31673; bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (circuit isolation, backport from
- Fix a logic error that prevented the SessionGroup sub-option from
being accepted. Fixes bug 22619; bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (circuit padding, backport from
- On relays, properly check that a padding machine is absent before
logging a warning about it being absent. Fixes bug 30649; bugfix
o Minor bugfixes (client, onion service v3, backport from
- Fix a BUG() assertion that occurs within a very small race window
between when a client intro circuit opens and when its descriptor
gets cleaned up from the cache. The circuit is now closed early,
which will trigger a re-fetch of the descriptor and continue the
connection. Fixes bug 28970; bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (clock skew detection, backport from
- Don't believe clock skew results from NETINFO cells that appear to
arrive before we sent the VERSIONS cells they are responding to.
Previously, we would accept them up to 3 minutes "in the past".
Fixes bug 31343; bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (compilation warning, backport from
- Fix a compilation warning on Windows about casting a function
pointer for GetTickCount64(). Fixes bug 31374; bugfix
o Minor bugfixes (compilation, backport from
- Avoid using labs() on time_t, which can cause compilation warnings
on 64-bit Windows builds. Fixes bug 31343; bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (compilation, backport from
- Suppress spurious float-conversion warnings from GCC when calling
floating-point classifier functions on FreeBSD. Fixes part of bug
31687; bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (compilation, unusual configurations, backport from
- Avoid failures when building with the ALL_BUGS_ARE_FATAL option
due to missing declarations of abort(), and prevent other such
failures in the future. Fixes bug 30189; bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (configuration, proxies, backport from
- Fix a bug that prevented us from supporting SOCKS5 proxies that
want authentication along with configured (but unused!)
ClientTransportPlugins. Fixes bug 29670; bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (connections, backport from
- Avoid trying to read data from closed connections, which can cause
needless loops in Libevent and infinite loops in Shadow. Fixes bug
30344; bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (continuous integration, backport from
- Allow the test-stem job to fail in Travis, because it sometimes
hangs. Fixes bug 30744; bugfix on
- Skip test_rebind on macOS in Travis, because it is unreliable on
macOS on Travis. Fixes bug 30713; bugfix on
- Skip test_rebind when the TOR_SKIP_TEST_REBIND environment
variable is set. Fixes bug 30713; bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (crash on exit, backport from
- Avoid a set of possible code paths that could try to use freed
memory in routerlist_free() while Tor was exiting. Fixes bug
31003; bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (directory authorities, backport from
- Stop crashing after parsing an unknown descriptor purpose
annotation. We think this bug can only be triggered by modifying a
local file. Fixes bug 30781; bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (directory authority, backport from
- Move the "bandwidth-file-headers" line in directory authority
votes so that it conforms to dir-spec.txt. Fixes bug 30316; bugfix
o Minor bugfixes (error handling, backport from
- On abort, try harder to flush the output buffers of log messages.
On some platforms (macOS), log messages could be discarded when
the process terminates. Fixes bug 31571; bugfix on
- Report the tor version whenever an assertion fails. Previously, we
only reported the Tor version on some crashes, and some non-fatal
assertions. Fixes bug 31571; bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (FreeBSD, PF-based proxy, IPv6, backport from
- When extracting an IPv6 address from a PF-based proxy, verify that
we are actually configured to receive an IPv6 address, and log an
internal error if not. Fixes part of bug 31687; bugfix
o Minor bugfixes (guards, backport from
- When tor is missing descriptors for some primary entry guards,
make the log message less alarming. It's normal for descriptors to
expire, as long as tor fetches new ones soon after. Fixes bug
31657; bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (logging, backport from
- Do not log a warning when running with an OpenSSL version other
than the one Tor was compiled with, if the two versions should be
compatible. Previously, we would warn whenever the version was
different. Fixes bug 30190; bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (logging, backport from
- Change log level of message "Hash of session info was not as
expected" to LOG_PROTOCOL_WARN. Fixes bug 12399; bugfix
o Minor bugfixes (logging, backport from
- Rate-limit our the logging message about the obsolete .exit
notation. Previously, there was no limit on this warning, which
could potentially be triggered many times by a hostile website.
Fixes bug 31466; bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (logging, protocol violations, backport from
- Do not log a nonfatal assertion failure when receiving a VERSIONS
cell on a connection using the obsolete v1 link protocol. Log a
protocol_warn instead. Fixes bug 31107; bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (mainloop, periodic events, in-process API, backport from
- Reset the periodic events' "enabled" flag when Tor is shut down
cleanly. Previously, this flag was left on, which caused periodic
events not to be re-enabled when Tor was relaunched in-process
with tor_api.h after a shutdown. Fixes bug 32058; bugfix
o Minor bugfixes (memory leak, backport from
- Avoid a minor memory leak that could occur on relays when failing
to create a "keys" directory. Fixes bug 30148; bugfix
o Minor bugfixes (memory leak, backport from
- Fix a trivial memory leak when parsing an invalid value
from a download schedule in the configuration. Fixes bug
30894; bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (NetBSD, backport from
- Fix usage of minherit() on NetBSD and other platforms that define
30614; bugfix on Patch from Taylor Campbell.
o Minor bugfixes (onion services, backport from
- Avoid a GCC 9.1.1 warning (and possible crash depending on libc
implemenation) when failing to load an onion service client
authorization file. Fixes bug 30475; bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (out-of-memory handler, backport from
- When purging the DNS cache because of an out-of-memory condition,
try purging just the older entries at first. Previously, we would
always purge the whole thing. Fixes bug 29617; bugfix
o Minor bugfixes (portability, backport from
- Avoid crashing in our tor_vasprintf() implementation on systems
that define neither vasprintf() nor _vscprintf(). (This bug has
been here long enough that we question whether people are running
Tor on such systems, but we're applying the fix out of caution.)
Fixes bug 30561; bugfix on Found and fixed by
Tobias Stoeckmann.
o Minor bugfixes (process management, backport from
- Remove overly strict assertions that triggered when a pluggable
transport failed to launch. Fixes bug 31091; bugfix
- Remove an assertion in the Unix process backend. This assertion
would trigger when we failed to find the executable for a child
process. Fixes bug 31810; bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (relay, backport from
- Avoid crashing when starting with a corrupt keys directory where
the old ntor key and the new ntor key are identical. Fixes bug
30916; bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (rust, backport from
- Correctly exclude a redundant rust build job in Travis. Fixes bug
31463; bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (testing, backport from
- When testing port rebinding, don't busy-wait for tor to log.
Instead, actually sleep for a short time before polling again.
Also improve the formatting of control commands and log messages.
Fixes bug 31837; bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (tls, logging, backport from
- Log bugs about the TLS read buffer's length only once, rather than
filling the logs with similar warnings. Fixes bug 31939; bugfix
o Minor bugfixes (v2 single onion services, backport from
- Always retry v2 single onion service intro and rend circuits with
a 3-hop path. Previously, v2 single onion services used a 3-hop
path when rendezvous circuits were retried after a remote or
delayed failure, but a 1-hop path for immediate retries. Fixes bug
23818; bugfix on
- Make v3 single onion services fall back to a 3-hop intro, when all
intro points are unreachable via a 1-hop path. Previously, v3
single onion services failed when all intro nodes were unreachable
via a 1-hop path. Fixes bug 23507; bugfix on
o Documentation (backport from
- Use RFC 2397 data URL scheme to embed an image into tor-exit-
notice.html so that operators no longer have to host it
themselves. Closes ticket 31089.
o Testing (backport from
- Specify torrc paths (with empty files) when launching tor in
integration tests; refrain from reading user and system torrcs.
Resolves issue 29702.
o Testing (continuous integration, backport from
- In Travis, show stem's tor log after failure. Closes ticket 30234.
o Testing (continuous integration, backport from
- In Travis, make stem log a controller trace to the console, and
tail stem's tor log after failure. Closes ticket 30591.
- In Travis, only run the stem tests that use a tor binary. Closes
ticket 30694.
o Testing (continuous integration, backport from
- Disable all but one Travis CI macOS build, to mitigate slow
scheduling of Travis macOS jobs. Closes ticket 32177.
- Run the chutney IPv6 networks as part of Travis CI. Closes
ticket 30860.
- Simplify the Travis CI build matrix, and optimise for build time.
Closes ticket 31859.
- Use Windows Server 2019 instead of Windows Server 2016 in our
Appveyor builds. Closes ticket 32086.
o Testing (continuous integration, backport from
- Use Ubuntu Bionic images for our Travis CI builds, so we can get a
recent version of coccinelle. But leave chutney on Ubuntu Trusty,
until we can fix some Bionic permissions issues (see ticket
32240). Related to ticket 31919.
- Install the mingw OpenSSL package in Appveyor. This makes sure
that the OpenSSL headers and libraries match in Tor's Appveyor
builds. (This bug was triggered by an Appveyor image update.)
Fixes bug 32449; bugfix on
- In Travis, use Xcode 11.2 on macOS 10.14. Closes ticket 32241.
o Testing (continuous integration, backport from
- Require C99 standards-conforming code in Travis CI, but allow GNU gcc
extensions. Also activates clang's -Wtypedef-redefinition warnings.
Build some jobs with -std=gnu99, and some jobs without.
Closes ticket 32500.
Changes in version - 2019-05-02
This is the first stable release in the 0.4.0.x series. It contains
improvements for power management and bootstrap reporting, as well as
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