Commit 3dfeaaaf authored by Nick Mathewson's avatar Nick Mathewson 🐻
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r11931@Kushana: nickm | 2007-01-11 09:12:49 -0500

 Fix a crash bug in the presence of DNS hijacking.

parent 0c77ae2f
Changes in version - 2007-??-??
o Major bugfixes:
- Fix a crash bug in the presence of DNS hijacking (reported by Andrew
Del Vecchio).
o Minor bugfixes:
- When computing clock skew from directory HTTP headers, consider what
time it was when we finished asking for the directory, not what time it
......@@ -1625,12 +1625,10 @@ evdns_callback(int result, char type, int count, int ttl, void *addresses,
if (was_wildcarded) {
int is_test_addr = is_test_address(hostname);
if (is_test_addr) {
if (is_test_address(string_address)) {
/* Ick. We're getting redirected on known-good addresses. Our DNS
* server must really hate us. */
if (result != DNS_ERR_SHUTDOWN)
......@@ -1744,16 +1742,19 @@ wildcard_increment_answer(const char *id)
static void
add_wildcarded_test_address(const char *address)
int n;
int n, n_test_addrs;
if (!dns_wildcarded_test_address_list)
dns_wildcarded_test_address_list = smartlist_create();
if (smartlist_string_isin_case(dns_wildcarded_test_address_list, address))
n_test_addrs = get_options()->ServerDNSTestAddresses ?
smartlist_len(get_options()->ServerDNSTestAddresses) : 0;
smartlist_add(dns_wildcarded_test_address_list, tor_strdup(address));
n = smartlist_len(dns_wildcarded_test_address_list);
if (n > smartlist_len(get_options()->ServerDNSTestAddresses)/2) {
if (n > n_test_addrs/2) {
log(dns_wildcarded_test_address_notice_given ? LOG_INFO : LOG_NOTICE,
LD_EXIT, "Your DNS provider tried to redirect \"%s\" to a junk "
"address. It has done this with %d test addresses so far. I'm "
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