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Detect insanely large circuit build state; don't give its length to rand_int

parent 5afab5ca
......@@ -3,3 +3,7 @@
correctly. Previously, it accepted values up to UINT_MAX, but
could return a negative number if given a value above INT_MAX+1.
Found by George Kadianakis. Fixes bug 3306; bugfix on 0.2.2pre14.
- Avoid a segfault when reading a malformed circuit build state
with more than INT_MAX entries. Found by wanoskarnet. Bugfix on
......@@ -678,7 +678,15 @@ circuit_build_times_shuffle_and_store_array(circuit_build_times_t *cbt,
log_notice(LD_CIRC, "The number of circuit times that this Tor version "
"uses to calculate build times is less than the number stored "
"in your state file. Decreasing the circuit time history from "
"%d to %d.", num_times, CBT_NCIRCUITS_TO_OBSERVE);
"%lu to %d.", (unsigned long)num_times,
if (n > INT_MAX-1) {
log_warn(LD_CIRC, "For some insane reasons, you had %lu circuit build "
"observations in your state file. That's far too many; probably "
"there's a bug here.", (unsigned long)n);
n = INT_MAX-1;
/* This code can only be run on a compact array */
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