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and update the todo

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......@@ -126,15 +126,15 @@ NICK . OS X
- Total rate limiting
. Look at OR handshake in more detail
o Spec it
- Merge OR and OP handshakes
- But figure out how to indicate if we're OR?
o Merge OR and OP handshakes
- rearrange connection_or so it doesn't suck so much to read
D Periodic link key rotation. Spec?
- More flexibility in node addressing
D Support IPv6 rather than just 4
- Handle multihomed servers (config variable to set IP)
. Move from onions to ephemeral DH
o incremental path building
- transition circuit-level sendmes to hop-level sendmes
o transition circuit-level sendmes to hop-level sendmes
- implement truncate, truncated
o move from 192byte DH to 128byte DH, so it isn't so damn slow
- exiting from not-last hop
......@@ -142,4 +142,5 @@ NICK . OS X
- make sure exiting from the not-last hop works
- logic to find last *open* hop, not last hop, in cpath
- choose exit nodes by exit policies
o wrap malloc with something that explodes when it fails
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