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parents b80a35e6 cabad0b6
......@@ -1010,16 +1010,6 @@ node_get_platform(const node_t *node)
return NULL;
/** Return <b>node</b>'s time of publication, or 0 if we don't have one. */
node_get_published_on(const node_t *node)
if (node->ri)
return node->ri->cache_info.published_on;
return 0;
/** Return true iff <b>node</b> is one representing this router. */
node_is_me(const node_t *node)
......@@ -53,7 +53,6 @@ const char *node_get_platform(const node_t *node);
uint32_t node_get_prim_addr_ipv4h(const node_t *node);
void node_get_address_string(const node_t *node, char *cp, size_t len);
long node_get_declared_uptime(const node_t *node);
time_t node_get_published_on(const node_t *node);
const smartlist_t *node_get_declared_family(const node_t *node);
const ed25519_public_key_t *node_get_ed25519_id(const node_t *node);
int node_ed25519_id_matches(const node_t *node,
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