Commit 53f59a29 authored by Peter Palfrader's avatar Peter Palfrader
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We need the -dev package in both of these configure cases

parent 64b0d720
...@@ -181,7 +181,7 @@ AC_CHECK_TYPE(u_int16_t, unsigned short) ...@@ -181,7 +181,7 @@ AC_CHECK_TYPE(u_int16_t, unsigned short)
AC_CHECK_TYPE(u_int8_t, unsigned char) AC_CHECK_TYPE(u_int8_t, unsigned char)
tor_libevent_pkg_redhat="libevent" tor_libevent_pkg_redhat="libevent"
tor_libevent_pkg_debian="libevent" tor_libevent_pkg_debian="libevent-dev"
tor_libevent_devpkg_redhat="libevent-devel" tor_libevent_devpkg_redhat="libevent-devel"
tor_libevent_devpkg_debian="libevent-dev" tor_libevent_devpkg_debian="libevent-dev"
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