Commit 54c9c8b0 authored by Nick Mathewson's avatar Nick Mathewson 🌉
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If address/get_if_addrs6 can't findipv6, log WARN, not ERR

Fixes 29160, and allows 28668 (treating ERR logs as test failures)
to procede.
parent f684cd80
o Minor bugfixes (tests):
- Do not log an error-level message if we fail to find an IPv6
network interface from the unit tests. Fixes bug 29160; bugfix on
......@@ -1013,7 +1013,7 @@ test_address_get_if_addrs6(void *arg)
rv = get_interface_address6(LOG_ERR, AF_INET6, &tor_addr);
rv = get_interface_address6(LOG_WARN, AF_INET6, &tor_addr);
/* Work even on systems without IPv6 interfaces */
if (rv == 0) {
......@@ -1204,4 +1204,3 @@ struct testcase_t address_tests[] = {
ADDRESS_TEST(tor_addr_in_same_network_family, 0),
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