Commit 608c1568 authored by Roger Dingledine's avatar Roger Dingledine
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must close marked connections at the end of run_scheduled_events.

otherwise they might have a socket -1, and if we leave them around
they'll muck up poll/select.

i think this was the cause of our win32 and os x fakepoll crashes,
and probably would cause other errors down the road.

parent efdb356a
......@@ -445,16 +445,12 @@ static void run_scheduled_events(time_t now) {
last_uploaded_services = now;
#if 0
/* 6. and blow away any connections that need to die. can't do this later
* because we might open up a circuit and not realize we're about to cull
* the connection it's running over.
* XXX we can remove this step once we audit circuit-building to make sure
* it doesn't pick a marked-for-close conn. -RD
/* 6. and blow away any connections that need to die. have to do this now,
* because if we marked a conn for close and left its socket -1, then
* we'll pass it to poll/select and bad things will happen.
static int prepare_for_poll(void) {
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