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pass our compiler -fasynchronous-unwind-tables by default

This should make more platforms (in particular, ones with compilers
where -fomit-frame-pointer is on by default but table generation
isn't) support backtrace generation.  Thanks to cypherpunks for this

Fixes bug 11047; bugfix on
parent e1deb01e
o Minor bugfixes:
- Build using the -fasynchronous-unwind-tables option so that more
platforms (in particular, ones like 32-bit Intel where the
-fomit-frame-pointer option is on by default and table
generation is not) will support generating backtraces. This
doesn't yet add Windows support yet; only Linux, OSX, and some BSD
are affected. Reported by 'cypherpunks'; fixes bug 11047; bugfix
......@@ -648,6 +648,13 @@ fi
dnl ------------------------------------------------------
dnl If we are adding -fomit-frame-pointer (or if the compiler's doing it
dnl for us, as GCC 4.6 and later do at many optimization levels), then
dnl we should try to add -fasynchronous-unwind-tables so that our backtrace
dnl code will work.
dnl ------------------------------------------------------
dnl Where do you live, libnatpmp? And how do we call you?
dnl There are no packages for Debian or Redhat as of this patch
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