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forward-port r9916, and remove another duplicated changelog entry

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......@@ -12,15 +12,9 @@ Changes in version - 2007-??-??
o Security fixes:
- Directory authorities now call routers stable if they have an
uptime of at least 30 days, even if that's not the median uptime
in the network. Implements proposal 1xx, suggested by Kevin Bauer
in the network. Implements proposal 107, suggested by Kevin Bauer
and Damon McCoy.
o Major bugfixes:
- Fix an infinite loop introduced in when we serve
directory information requested inside Tor connections (i.e. via
begin_dir cells). It only triggered when the same connection was
serving other data at the same time. Reported by seeess.
o Minor features (build):
- Make autoconf search for libevent and openssl consistently.
- Update deprecated macros in
......@@ -961,9 +955,6 @@ Changes in version - 2006-09-29
This should improve client CPU usage by 25-50%.
- Don't crash if, after a server has been running for a while,
it can't resolve its hostname.
- When a client asks us to resolve (not connect to) an address,
and we have a cached answer, give them the cached answer.
Previously, we would give them no answer at all.
o Minor bugfixes:
- Allow Tor to start when RunAsDaemon is set but no logs are set.
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