Commit 70b85358 authored by Nick Mathewson's avatar Nick Mathewson 🎨
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Fix a logic error in deciding whether to accept SessionGroup=

Fixes bug 22619; bugfix on
parent e5deb2bb
o Minor bugfixes (circuit isolation):
- Fix a logic error that prevented the SessionGroup sub-option from
being accepted. Fixes bug 22619; bugfix on
......@@ -7080,7 +7080,7 @@ parse_port_config(smartlist_t *out,
if (!strcasecmpstart(elt, "SessionGroup=")) {
int group = (int)tor_parse_long(elt+strlen("SessionGroup="),
10, 0, INT_MAX, &ok, NULL);
if (!ok || !allow_no_stream_options) {
if (!ok || allow_no_stream_options) {
log_warn(LD_CONFIG, "Invalid %sPort option '%s'",
portname, escaped(elt));
goto err;
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